Enhanced Froogle Mobile

Google’s comparison shopping site, Froogle, a mobile edition so consumers can compare prices online while at the store. The service has been available since February of 2004, but just added the service in the U.K., and enhanced the U.S. version.

The ability to access pricing while at the store, instead of relying on memory of a price search at home is a clear advantage to buyers. Though even with the enhanced Froogle Mobile, the site may not operate as intended. A trial run said there were results, yet none were viewable. There are few sites that are truly optimized for mobile, but that’s changing.

Google has bought several mobile companies recently, speculation says it is building its services in that space. The company bought mobile firm Android last month with little fanfare. The acquisition has been kept quiet, and little is known about what Android will do for Google. The company’s co-founder, Andy Rubin, started the company Danger Inc., the maker of the ubiquitous Sidekick.

Android is the most recent of a chain of acquisitions Google has made in the space. There will likely be continued enhancements to mobile services like Froogle Mobile, and new mobile products and services from Google in the coming months.

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