Entertainment is Content King

More than two-thirds of all active Internet users seek entertainment content online, according to a report by Cyber Dialogue, which said vertically integrated portals stand to gain the most from this trend.

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The report identifies four segments of online entertainment seekers (see table). Overall, entertainment seekers are more intensive Internet users when compared to all online adults.

Sports enthusiasts, the largest segment, is the most affluent, according to Cyber Dialogue. Their most popular activities are checking scores, schedules, and reading game summaries.

Movie and television fans like to search for information on actors, read industry news, interviews, and download clips.

Music fans are the youngest segment, and 8 percent of them purchase music online.

Contrary to conventional wisdom, almost half of online gamers are female (47 percent). Action games, word games, and trivia games are the most popular.

All of this segmentation means that the one-size-fits-all portal may soon be outdated.

“We see evidence that the relevance of all-purpose portals in beginning to wane,” said Peter Clemente, VP at Cyber Dialogue. Clemente recommends media companies integrate unique entertainment content into their Web offerings.

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