Epic Intros View-Through-Like Metric

You’ve heard of induced labor. Now there are “induced visits!” At least that’s what Epic Advertising, formerly Azoogle Ads, claims it can measure with its new Performance CPM metric. According to the company, an “induced” site visit is one resulting “in any way from an ad,” even if there’s no direct click-through. The metric also considers CPC, CPM and CPA tracking and brand impact.

Being a performance marketing firm, Epic serves direct-response advertisers who pay on a cost-per-click or per-action basis. It looks as though the company may now want to branch out by better serving brand marketers, or perhaps by demonstrating that there’s value even if an ad isn’t clicked.

This “new” metric reminds me quite a bit of something developed by DoubleClick years ago, called view-through</>. That metric gauges user activity after a user has been exposed to an ad but hasn’t clicked on it.

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