Eric Schmidt, Measureable Advertising & AJAX

schmidt.jpegIn addition to his keynote discussion with Danny Sullivan today at SES, the press were granted an unusual additional hour of Q&A with Google Chairman and CEO Eric Schmidt.

We’re going to have lots to tell you about what he said, but one of the more interesting points was when I asked him about how new technologies such as AJAX (which he’d earlier touted as being developed thanks, in no small part, to advertising dollars) would influence advertising going forward. For all Google’s support of measurable advertising, isn’t this a instance of technology that’s going to freak advertisers out — again?

“It is true that AJAX is a change in pageview modeling,” Schmidt replied. “In many ways you’re seeing the old model falls away. {The inability to measure page views] is an example of something I hadn’t started thinking about, but I certainly will go back and do that.”

Fear not, Advertiser. Google’s on the case.

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