ESPN’s Spanish Arm Launches Microsite to Bolster Viewing

While many content providers are creating microsites as a destination for consumers looking for more interaction online, the Spanish language sports arm of ESPN, ESPN Deportes, has launched one specifically to promote its television channel.

The microsite at, which means “I want sports,” features Spanish language information about the channel’s announcers, as well as on shows like “UEFA Champions League,” “HazaÑa, El Deporte Vive” and “SportsCenter.” However, the primary purpose of the site is to lead viewers to call 1-800-DEPORTES, which will be automatically routed to the caller’s local cable or satellite provider.

“This microsite is a very advanced ad, if you will, for what we offer on television,” Juan Alfonso, senior director of marketing for ESPN Deportes.

“The 1-800 number has this pretty sophisticated back system so that when you call, the software recognizes your number, and links you directly to your local cable provider,” said Alfonso. “It eliminates this whole ‘searching for the number’ step.”

Although some surveys have stated that the Hispanic marketplace is slow to adopt the Internet, Alfonso disagreed. “The research that we have says that they are one of the fastest growing minority groups for tech adoptions, particularly for broadband. It’s growing rapidly. It’s something that we want to take advantage of,” he said.

The microsite was created by interactive advertising agency Special Ops Media, which convinced ESPN Deportes to run keyword advertising in Spanish and English, and to keep the site simple.

“To reach this audience, specifically the male demographic, our research [shows] they are researching online in English and Spanish. They are comfortable switching back and forth,” said Taylor Margis-Noguera, executive vice president of Special Ops Media. “You don’t need to build the end-all-be-all site. It’s a microsite; it’s called that for a reason. It has a set of micro-goals attached to it. You do as much as you need to do to make it informative.”

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