Estonian Internet Usage Continues Climb

Estonians Using the Internet
in Past 6 Months
Spring 1997 8%
Spring 1998 10%
Spring 1999 16%
Autumn 1999 21%
Source: BMF Gallup Media

The level of Internet usage in Estonia has reached 21 percent among the population 15-74 years old, up from 16 percent in the Spring of 1999, according to a survey by BMF Gallup Media.

The highest increase has occurred among people in their 40s. Their Internet use has doubled compared to the Spring numbers. Seventeen percent of 15-74 year olds in Estonia have a computer at home, and 7 percent are connected to the Internet from home, the survey found. Almost half (47 percent) of the population has used a computer at least once in his or her lifetime.

Among 15-19 year olds, 94 percent have used a computer, according to the survey. A Kids Media Survey that interviewed 372 children age 6-14, found more than half of 6 and 7 year-olds have used a computer, as have 91 percent of 12-14 year-olds.

Estonian Internet Use by Age Groups
Age Percent Using
15-19 58%
20-29 32%
30-39 27%
40-49 15%
50-59 8%
60-74 1%
Source: BMF Gallup Media

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