E*Trade Baby Has Nothing to Say on Twitter

Twitter has demonstrated value for companies with something to say and an eagerness to engage. Unfortunately not all who use it fit that description.

Zappos, Ford, JetBlue, Whole Foods and Dunkin’ Donuts stand out as shining examples of brands using the platform to share information and listen to their customers and prospects. The E*Trade baby? Not so much.

Since setting up the account several days ago to drive buzz for the precocious infant’s upcoming Super Bowl spot, the online trading company has posted a total of five tweets. Three of these are virtually identical, promoting an outtakes reel for the upcoming ad. In an unconvincing attempt to generate an aura of secrecy for something that’s not secret at all, the most missive pleads with followers to “Keep this link on the DL.” Sorry E*Trade, you’re going to have to do better than that.


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