E*Trade Leads Gomez Broker Scorecard

For the second quarter in a row, E*Trade was ranked as the number one Internet broker according to the Internet Broker Scorecard by Gomez Advisors.

Gomez evaluated 55 companies for the scorecard, although there are now 100 companies offering brokerage services online. Overall scores are based in five categories: ease of use, customer confidence, on-site resources, relationship services, and overall cost. Data is gathered through surveys sent to brokerages with answers verified by checking respective web sites.

DLJ Direct, which lost the top spot to E*Trade last quarter, finished second. Datek, Discover, and Waterhouse rounded out the top five brokers.

Gomez also found that more brokers are offering real-time quotes of account balances, which are available on 13 of the 55 firms polled. A glossary of investment terms and site help are offered on 69 percent of the sites surveyed. More than half of the brokers offer free, unlimited checking with an account, and 13 percent feature the ability to pay bills online.

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