Euro RSCG 4D Files Suit Against Former NY CEO

Charlie Tarzian may still be listed on Euro RSCG 4D’s Web site as New York CEO, but he’s persona non grata at the agency. How do I know? The agency filed suit against Tarzian in New York State court. The suit alleges that, while still employed by the digital & direct agency, Tarzian began plotting to steal its business by “misappropriating confidential information and trade secrets, improperly soliciting clients and surreptitiously recruting the Company’s employees to his new enterprise.” The agency also accuess Tarzian of saying bad things about Euro RSCG 4D’s business.

I haven’t been able to track Tarzian down or find evidence of his new venture. Won’t it be interesting to see who charter clients and employees are, when it emerges?

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