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The Marketing Technology Awards 2019

The world’s largest exclusive marketing technology awards.

ClickZ and Search Engine Watch are two of the oldest, largest and most trusted communities of digital marketers in the world today. Each month over 1.2 million marketers engage with their content across the globe.

Marketing technology is playing an increasingly important role as businesses navigate the complex digital landscape.

The rules continue to be re-written and companies not investing in the right technologies—or perhaps, more importantly, investing in the wrong ones—are failing to meet customers expectations and are quickly falling to the wayside.

Gartner estimates that in 2018, marketers are spending 29% of their marketing budget (up from 22% in 2017) on marketing technology. However, choosing the right combination from the increasingly expanding landscape (now close to 7,000) is getting harder. This is exacerbated by other technology pressures across the business with Mary Meeker’s latest estimates putting the total number of technologies (cloud-based Apps) used by enterprises at more than 1,000.

The aim of these awards is to sift through the murky waters of MarTech to celebrate these technologies, the use of them in the ‘real world’ and the people that make it all happen!

The ‘Technology Categories’ will be 50% scored/voted for by our readers and their customers and 50% scored/voted for by our expert judging panel. The ‘Use of Technologies’ and ‘People’ categories will be 100% voted for by our judges.

Finalists will be announced and invited to an awards ceremony in New York on March 21.

The awards are free to enter.