Evian ‘Detox’ Campaign on Gawker

gawker-detox.with.evian.jpgAdRants points to a highly unusual ad running on Gawker today. The site invites you to “click for a detoxed version of Gawker.” The click strips all ads from the page, other than those from Evian.

Cool idea — and execution.

The irony is I only visited Gawker after reading AdRant’s feed about the ad. I read Gawker, too — but only the feed. It’s getting hard to keep up with innovations in online advertising (which is my job, after all) if I hardly visit Web sites anymore.

Blame it on Bloglines. Problems such as these, on both the advertiser and publisher side, are becoming huge issues.

I wonder how many of them are really aware of this?

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