Execs & Accounts for August 11, 2004

Federal Trade Commissioner Mozelle Thompson will step down from the FTC on August 31 after submitting his resignation last week. During his six-year tenure, Thompson weighed in on a range of issues and initiatives with implications for interactive marketers, including CAN-SPAM.

“I have been able to witness profound changes in the American economy and to consider important issues that will continue to affect businesses and consumers around the world,” he said in a statement. “In doing so, I have had the privilege of helping to chart a course for the future of the global marketplace.”

Accuweather.com is licensing 24/7 Real Media’s Insight XE analytics offering and its Insight ACT behavioral targeting platform. The online weather information provider is already a customer of 24/7 Real Media’s Open AdStream ad management system.

“Our advertisers will be able to take advantage of the most exciting premium ad products and, at the same time, we can ensure that the commercial content will be relevant and meaningful to our audience,” said Dave Wrieden, executive director of sales for AccuWeather.

AdInterax, provider of a rich media authoring and management platform, will use technology from Mirror Image to improve efficiency in the delivery of its clients’ ads.

“Since selecting Mirror Image’s content delivery solutions we’ve eliminated spiky overage costs, allowing us to focus on serving the online rich media advertising needs of advertisers and publishers at the lowest possible cost,” said Ferdinando Bruno, CFO and SVP of business development for adInterax.

Atlanta-based PR and marketing firm Precision Communications has changed its name to Attention and expanded its service offerings to include interactive marketing. Chief Awareness Officer Daryl Toor said the agency is now providing search engine marketing services to clients WestPoint Stevens, Aegis Communications Group and ImageServe.

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