Eyeblaster Adds Multi-Unit Synchronization

Eyeblaster bundled several new features into version 6.0 of its rich media platform. Among the enhancements are multi-unit creative synchronization within a page, behavioral sequencing, and a simplified ad creation tool called EZBlaster.

Eyeblaster’s new ad synchronization feature allows creatives to build numerous ads that interact with each other within a single Web page. Movement within such a multi-unit execution is synchronized based on the relative position of those units.

“The feature automatically detects the locations of the ads on a page, so that if you have one publisher with a skyscraper on right hand side, and the other publisher has a skyscraper on the left side, the movement [is continuous],” said Nir Shimoni, Eyeblaster’s VP of product development.

The new behavioral sequencing capabilities are fairly straightforward, allowing advertisers to serve a rich media execution based on previous ads seen or actions taken by a viewer. Gannett’s PointRoll released a similar product in July.

The new rich media creation tool, called EZBlaster, is a do-it-yourself product geared toward publishers and merchants who haven’t historically implemented rich media advertising. Publishers create templates, into which creative can be inserted to create more dynamic advertising than would ordinarily be possible on a tight budget.

Shimoni said Eyeblaster would pitch EZBlaster as an ideal conveyance for coop advertising, and would also market it to big e-commerce players like eBay, Expedia and Amazon, which he said could offer it directly to thousands of geographically dispersed merchants they work with.

EZBlaster has so far been deployed by Autobytel, in service of its dealership clients, and two other clients Eyeblaster declined to name.

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