Eyeblaster Improves Rich Media Platform

Rich media technology provider Eyeblaster will add behavior-based tools, launch a new banner format, and release other upgrades to its Rich Media Platform today.

To ease implementation of the new capabilities, Eyeblaster has added a Flash Component Library (FCL) to the upgraded Eyeblaster Flash extension. Library components include a dynamic data manager, used for loading data dynamically into an ad; a Flash state manager for use with behavioral ads; and FLV streaming player and SWF video loader components for use with streaming video.

“Our new features enable advertisers to establish a two-way dialog with their audience and deliver more personalized content based on how they interact with their ads,” said Gal Trifon, CEO, Eyeblaster.

The behavioral ads can be used to target ads based on items a user has clicked on in past ads. They can also be implemented to trigger other actions based on past user interactions with the ad. An ad incorporating a Flash game could remember the last level reached and begin there at the next visit. A story could be told sequentially, with new installments delivered with each view of the ad.

The new “push-down” banner format is similar to Eyeblaster’s expandable banner, except that the content on the page is pushed lower on the page instead of covered by the expanded ad. Trifon expects push-down ads will produce a better user experience as no content is covered.

Push-down ads can be set to auto-expand when a user enters the page, then collapse to the original size after a few seconds. Push-down ads can also be made to collapse entirely, or leave a floating panel to give a reminder effect. Trifon believes the format gives marketers added flexibility to provide a significantly larger ad unit when a user arrives at a page, which should provide higher response rates than smaller geography units.

Other new features in Eyeblaster’s platform include the ability to load dynamic data within an ad, and to deliver real-time polls and results within an ad. Enhancements to Eyeblaster’s VideoClip technology add support for streaming in Real Video, Windows Media and Flash video formats, and provide better integration with content management systems.

“Building a richer brand experience doesn’t just mean higher resolution graphics or more Flash tricks. It is being able to listen to what your audience wants, and delivering a specific experience based on that information,” Trifon said.

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