Eyeblaster Serves Up Publisher Specs

Eyeblaster has added a creative spec database to its rich media ad management platform, enabling agencies and advertisers to quickly check their outgoing campaigns against publishers’ ad specifications.

The new database, which Eyeblaster describes as the first of its kind, compiles rich media creative specifications for hundreds of Eyeblaster-enabled publishers. Media buyers and creative types can rapidly access any given publisher’s available ad formats, including dimensions, file sizes, and types of interactivity.

Using the upgraded platform, dubbed version 5.5, media planners can also conduct what an Eyeblaster spokesperson described as “lowest common denominator” searches of acceptable ad parameters on every site they hope to include in a media buy. If agencies know their site buys in advance, they can easily determine how few (or how many) creatives they’ll likely have to produce for a campaign.

“Instead of having 20 sites and 20 creatives, [an agency] may find they only need three creatives,” said Corey Kronengold, Eyeblaster’s communications manager.

The result, according to Eyeblaster, will be big time savings and a reduction in email and telephone back-and-forth between publisher, agency and advertiser.

“Using Eyeblaster’s creative spec database will save our media, creative, and delivery team time in trying to compile and cross-check creative specs for large campaigns,” said Jully Hong, media operations specialist at Digitas.

Other features in the new platform include weighted algorithms that let agencies more easily test multiple creatives in a single site buy, and offline ad demos that mimic the appearance of an ad on a given Web site.

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