Eyespot.com Partners with Tremor Media For Mashup Ads

Commercial content owners will be able to turn amateur video mashups into revenue streams through a new partnership between Eyespot.com and Tremor Media.

On Eyespot.com, people can create video mashups using both their own content and files, including music, images and video, from major sports and entertainment entities. Up until now, the entertainment and sports companies that provided the material did so “as a promotional strategy,” said Eyespot Spokesman Phil McGovern.

Under the arrangement with Tremor Media, Eyespot will now be adding pre-roll, mid-roll and post-roll video ads to the mashups that will be contextually related to the video content, said McGovern.

He said advertisers will be assured their spots will not accompany pornographic, obscene or otherwise undesirable material because Eyespot screens all mashups with a content filtering system and a “small moderation team.”

The integration of Tremor Media’s ad network into the Eyespot platform will include 5-second to 15-second in-stream ads. In a deal announced last week by which the Brightcove will provide content for Tremor’s ad network, the two companies also said they would accept video spots of only 15-seconds or less.

McGovern said the ability to mix paid advertising with mashups created and distributed by consumers that contain commercially-created pieces of content is a major step. “Up to now, the content that’s been created has been put around the Web on blogs or on sites like MySpace,” he said. “It’s just been there to be seen. Now, when it’s being seen…the entertainment companies are making money off of it.”

Eyespot is currently partnered with Paramount Pictures, the NBA, Jive Records and others. The firm plans on announcing other media and advertising partners throughout the summer.

While Tremor Media has partnered with other online video companies like Brightcove, McGovern said Eyespot is the only one that has a significant level of “fan interaction.” He called the site a “playground” for people who want to edit their own video clips, mix them with legally-available commercial content and publish them online.

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