EyeWonder Gets Cozier with Flash

EyeWonder has released a Flash module that will let creatives design, build and test their ad units entirely within Macromedia’s Flash authoring environment.

The new Flash component for EyeWonder’s AdWonder platform should minimize the back-and-forth ordinarily required between the rich media vendor and its agency partners. Producers can drag and drop video windows into their banner or expandable ad units, and can add interface control buttons with minimal coding.

“They’re putting things like scrubber bars, play and pause buttons, a lot of things you’d sometimes have to build from scratch, right in the Flash interface,” said Derek van den Bosch, a program manager with Tequila Los Angeles, who works on the agency’s Nissan and Infiniti accounts. “We’re dying to start using it.”

It was only 14 months ago that EyeWonder dropped Sun’s Java format to embrace Flash and simultaneously entered a development relationship with Macromedia. Since then, it has played a big game of catch-up in rich media, rolling out a number of new formats and enhanced reporting features.

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