Facebook Brings Messenger to Desktop

The Facebook Messenger app now has a Web version, creating another potential source of ad revenue for the social network.

The new desktop messaging service is accessible at messenger.com. While the site is separate from the main social network, without the News Feed and other Facebook features, users still need a Facebook account to log in.

Although Facebook has carved out a standalone site for Messenger, messaging will still be available on the social network’s main site. With this new addition, Facebook now is offering three messaging channels: the Messenger app, the Messenger Web, and the messaging service on the main site.

“With this product, we want to give people a way to access Messenger directly from their computers. Now, you can have a consistent Messenger experience and keep your conversations going whether you’re on your phone or computer,” a Facebook spokesperson tells ClickZ.

This move follows a statement from Facebook in March of this year, when the social giant said it would open up Messenger to developers and add more e-commerce features to the app.

Facebook says that messenger.com is synchronous with the Messenger app. Given Messenger’s interactive nature, the new site is likely to become another ad revenue stream for the company, where brands and consumers can have direct conversations.

Image via Shutterstock.

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