Facebook Fans Addicted to Oreo Cookies

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<p> What happens if you scrape the white cream filling from 36 Double Stuf Oreo cookies and stack the sugary goo in between two chocolate wafers?</p>
<p> Just ask Web designer and developer Jason E. Beaird, who initially <a target=posted the photo on his blog, Jasongraphix.

You’ve got a savory photo for Oreo junkies to ogle on Facebook. In fact, 246 Oreo fans on Facebook commented on the photo when it was published on the social networking site. Some people posted sexually suggestive remarks, others marveled over the mini-engineering feat, and others proclaimed their love for the snack.

Oreo fans first came to my attention during the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s social media conference this week. The cookie brand, part of Kraft Foods’ Nabisco World snacks, has more than 1.3 million fans on one unofficial fan page alone. What’s more, there are at least three other Oreo fan pages with several hundred thousand fans each.

While Andrew Markowitz, director, digital marketing, at Kraft Foods, acknowledged the brand’s popularity during a panel discussion at the IAB conference, he didn’t specify how the company interacts with its Facebook fans.

So I followed up with him and his team. Here are replies, via e-mail, courtesy of Stephen Chriss, director of consumer and customer engagement, U.S. snacks business, at Kraft Foods.

ClickZ: How is Kraft or the Oreo brand team interacting with fans on Facebook?
Stephen Chriss: We’re thrilled with the number of fans and followers of Oreo on Facebook. We currently don’t formally interact with fans on the site. However, we do keep an eye on the content, conversation and number of fans. Right now, we’re reviewing the brand’s digital strategies, including our approach to interacting with Facebook fans.

ClickZ: Do they participate in conversations in non-branded pages?
SC: Not currently. However, as I mentioned, we’re reviewing plans to possibly do so.

ClickZ: And, is there an official Oreo fan page?
SC: No.

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