Facebook ‘Likes’ Boom for Victoria’s Secret and Walmart

vickysecretVictoria’s Secret is leading retail brands in terms of Facebook “likes,” while Walmart has more than doubled its number in the last five months.

According to research by ChannelAdvisor, the lingerie brand had 11.6 million likes at the end of February and totaled 14.7 million when July concluded. Its next closest competitor was Adidas Originals, which had 10.6 million after picking up 3.5 million in the last five months.

Facebook users evidently really “like” lingerie because the Victoria’s Secret Pink brand was third among retailers at the end of July with 10.1 million followers on the social site. Coming in fourth was Walmart with 8 million likes. It represented a huge climb for the big box brand, which placed 15th in February with only 3.6 million.

Here are the top 15 brands on Facebook for July vs. February, according the study:

Top 15 Retailers for Facebook Likes in July
Brand Likes
Victoria’s Secret 14.7M
Adidas Originals 10.6M
Victoria’s Secret Pink 10.1M
Walmart 8M
Burberry 7.3M
WWE 6.4M
Lacoste 6.24M
Levi’s 6.23M
Hollister Co. 5.7M
Kohl’s 5.4M
Target 5.24M
Abercrombie & Fitch 5.19
Gucci 5.1M
American Eagle Outfitters 5M
Aeropastale 4.9M
Source: ChannelAdvisor


Top 15 Retailers for Facebook Likes in Feb.
Brand Likes
Victoria’s Secret 11.6M
Victoria’s Secret Pink 8M
Adidas Orignals 7.1M
Lacoste 4.6M
WWE 4.4M
Hollister Co. 4.36M
Burberry 4.2M
Forever 21 4M
Nike 3.9M
Target 3.9M
American Eagle Outfitters 3.86M
Abercrombie & Fitch 3.83M
Gucci 3.81M
Aeropastale 3.8M
Walmart 3.6M
Source: ChannelAdvisor

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