Facebook, Not Just Another Pretty Face

facebook.jpgFacebook’s redesign is not sitting pretty with more than one million — or about 1 percent — of its members.

Several Faceboook Groups have been established to protest the social network’s redesign.

In the “Petition Against the “New Facebook” group with 1.35 million members, there’s a list outlining 10 things wrong with the “new” Facebook results. In the ultimate insult, Scott Sanders wrote: “the new layout is starting to look more and more like MySpace.”

Another group called, “Please Keep the Old Facebook,” has 355,000 members, while “1 000 000+ to bring back old facebook,” has logged 265,000 members.

Facebook, for its part, has said the redesigned member profile page is intended to make the site simpler to use and present more relevant information to its members.

One noticeable change: advertisements on a member’s profile page appear in the far-right hand column, typically considered prime real estate in the publishing world. Under the old design, ads appeared in the left-hand column, and sponsored ads showed up in a news feed located on the center of a member profile page.

Last month, Facebook also announced it’s testing new ad formats to enable users to interact with their Facebook friends within the ads themselves.

Will Facebook members start to defect? Likely not, suggest sources interviewed by William Wong of the Chicago Tribune.

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