Facebook Shopping

chitika logo.JPGFollowing the release of the Facebook API availability, micro-advertising company Chitika took the experienced it developed with its eMiniMall ad unit, which runs on numerous blog sites, and created similar unit for Facebook. Using the Facebook platform, Chitika built an API, which Facebook application developers can use to integrate and display revenue-generating eMiniMalls directly on their applications.

The advertised products will show up alongside paid merchant listings from Chitika’s merchant partners and allow users to search and compare stores to find the best price. The existing network for the eMiniMall unit is primarily comprised of blogs and smaller publisher sites. Chitika felt the Facebook opportunity was a good way to expand its offering. “The excitement here is that social networking sites are being looked at as a very fertile ground, as new horizons for advertising and the advertising industry as a whole is exposing ways in which we can make this advertising model work,” said Chitika CEO Venkat Kolluri.

Chitika provided information on the Chitika Facebook API and how developers and other advertisers can access its new channel.

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