Facebook’s Video Audience Bigger Than TV, According to Nielsen

A new Nielsen study commissioned by Facebook found that for certain age groups, especially younger demographics, Facebook can contribute incremental reach to major TV networks.

The report, titled, “Running Digital Audiences, Walking Advertising Dollars,” looked at the reach of four different television networks within specific gender and age groups, during different times of day. This was then compared to the reach of Facebook’s digital network.

The results showed that TV is most effective at reaching consumers during primetime, but Facebook has consistent reach for both daytime hours and primetime.


The study also found that in the weekday daytime, Facebook has a higher reach than the four TV networks for consumers under 55 years old. But during primetime, each TV network had a higher reach than Facebook in every age group except ages 18 to 24.

For consumers ages 25 to 34, Facebook added up to an incremental 41 percent reach to the TV networks during the daytime. For these same consumers during primetime, Facebook contributed up to 36 percent duplicated reach to the four TV networks.

The study concludes that Facebook can be a very effective vehicle to extend brand reach, especially among younger age groups.

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