Faces at Cannes: Elijah Torn

elijah.jpgI made my first Cannes buddy before I even got to France.

After missing my connection in Rome and settling in for an eight-hour layover, I started talking with the guy at right — the awesomely-named Elijah B Torn. He was marooned like me, and he held forth on Cannes while slouched at gate B-4 of Rome International Airport. I didn’t take notes, but here’s the gist of his story and his take on the festival:

Who does he work for? Massive Music, a music and sound producer for various motion picture projects. Massive throws a party here each year at Cannes, and Elijah handles the list, among other things. In 2009 Massive’s done a lot more soundtracks and music for viral videos and other Internet projects — a lot less for television.

What’s different about Cannes in 2009? This is Elijah’s third year at Cannes. He said it’s usually the one time each year Massive Music gets its employees together in one place. This year the company’s scaled back, sending only Elijah from New York, plus some people from the Netherlands and L.A. offices.

What’s his advice for Cannes virgins? Don’t get in a confrontation with the French police, and don’t show up at a party nude. Last year a guy swam up to one of the beachfront parties in the buff and tried to blend in. He was arrested, obviously.

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