Fair Trade Advertising Competition Opens for Under-30s

A competition starts today to create a campaign to promote global Fair Trade issues where the winner will see worldwide distribution of their entry. The catch is the winning entry will have to be presented in a multimedia format, and contestants must be under 30 years old to enter.

The Make a Big Noise competition was created by New Zealand-based agency The Sweet Shop’s Rumpus Room team, in partnership with the organizers of the Young Guns advertising awards. One of the goals of the competition is to raise awareness of Fair Trade issues for Oxfam International’s “Make Trade Fair” campaign.

According to Oxfam’s site, “Fair Trade is a growing, international movement which ensures that producers in poor countries get a fair deal. This means a fair price for their goods (one that covers the cost of production and guarantees a living income), long-term contracts which provide real security; and for many, support to gain the knowledge and skills that they need to develop their businesses and increase sales.”

The brief for the competition asks for a “big, brilliant idea to help make world trade fair.” The primary objective is to create a call to action to sign the “Make a Big Noise” petition that calls for changes to unfair global trade policies. The secondary objective is to mobilize people to take ongoing action against unfair trade issues and spread the message. Audience participation should be at the core of the campaign, according to the brief.

Submissions to the competition will be accepted until February, when a judging panel of ad industry luminaries and Oxfam representatives will select a winner. The work will be judged based on its effectiveness, originality, usability, utilization of non-traditional media and its likelihood to make a difference.

The winning submission will be implemented by the Rumpus Room and The Sweet Shop, with support from other creative and media companies. It will be formatted for distribution in a variety of media formats, said Derek Handley, CEO and co-founder of the mobile media company Hyperfactory, which is slated to handle the mobile distribution for Make a Big Noise.

“This is the first time an award is being created for a charity specifically for digital and non-traditional media,” Handley said. “The objective is to create awareness of the trade issues, and the issues that exist. That means getting deeper and getting people to take action too. To buy Fair Trade goods and find out what Fair Trade is about.”

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