Falk Partners to Enhance Ad Serving Product

Falk eSolutions has struck a strategic partnership with Fivia, a European firm that makes software for inventory and billing management. The alliance is meant to enhance Falk’s AdSolution ad serving product.

The partnership will integrate Falk’s ad delivery and management product with Fivia’s ASP-based sales planning, revenue management, and billing solution. The combined product will allow for automatic data transfer between systems for insertion order entry and campaign management, said Joe Apprendi, chief executive of Falk North America.

“The main reason for this partnership is we have heard many of our customers saying they want to get a hold of their inventory,” Apprendi said. “Our goal with this integrated product is to offer a single solution that handles everything from promotion to booking to managing a campaign. We believe our roster of clients is demanding that from us.”

Falk expects to launch the integrated product by the end of the first quarter and aims to have 10 percent of its existing customer base using the product by the end of 2005. Although the majority of Falk’s clients are based in Europe, where the company is headquartered, Falk expects a faster adoption rate of its technology among its North American clients.

The company, which released a controversial ad serving tool that circumvents pop-up blockers last fall, aims to release additional enhancements to its product line throughout 2005. One product, slated to be released in the third quarter, will provide additional forecasting and reporting figures demanded by profile- and behavioral-targeting segmentation of inventory, Apprendi said.

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