February 2003 Internet Usage Stats

The average activity for a Web user in February 2003, as reported by Nielsen//NetRatings Inc.

Average Internet Use in February 2003, compared to January 2003 (Home and Work Combined)
February 2003 January 2003 Change from January
Number of Sessions/Visits per Month 48 52 -7.7%
Number of Domains Visited 77 82 -6.1%
Web Page Views per Month 1,331 1,444 -7.8%
Web Page Views per Surfing Visit 35 35 0
Time Spent per Month 46:52:37 50:25:06 -7.0%
Time Spent During Web Visit 0:33:16 0:33:24 -0.4%
Duration of a Web Page Viewed 0:00:57 0:00:57 0
Active Digital Media Universe 131.3 million 133.6 million -1.8%
Current Digital Media Universe Estimate 180.8 million 179.9 million +0.5
Source: Nielsen//NetRatings

Note: The Nielsen//NetRatings audience measurement panels represent the universe of persons with access to the Internet via personal computer either in the home, or at the workplace from a non-shared personal computer. The “active” portion of the universe previously represented persons who actively generated Web-traffic, or URLs, through a Web browser. With the launch of Digital Media Universe (DMU) measurement in October 2002, the “active” portion of the universe now represents persons who actively used a computer connected to the Internet and either generated Web-traffic, or launched and brought into focus any computer application tracked by the Nielsen//NetRatings meter, or both. The new definition of Active Internet Universe is applied consistently across all audience measurement reports. This is true whether the view includes Web traffic only, Internet applications usage only, AOL proprietary browser channels only, or the combined DMU report which includes Web traffic, AOL Proprietary browser channels and Internet applications usage in combination. The impact of this change on the size of the Active Internet Universe is currently an approximate 10 percent increase versus the previous definition based on Web-only activity.

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