February Goes Out with a Ringtone

No fewer than four big media brands –- News Corp., MTV Networks, GQ and CBS –- announced new mobile distribution plans today. Most of the offerings are subscription-based, but it’s worth noting the proliferation of interest in piping content to phones.

MTV Networks will deliver TV clips from its MTV, VH1, CMT and Comedy Central to Sprint subscribers who pony up $5.95. Similarly, CBS will offer mobile news alerts and a video service, respectively titled “CBS News TO GO” and “ET TO GO,” for $.99 and $3.99.

News Corp. has a new mobile content bodega called Mobizzo, and the Times has the story. It’s mainly on the e-commerce side, pushing ringtones and graphics for mobile handsets.

GQ is meanwhile launching a mobile extension, which appears to lack any editorial meat whatsoever. Marketers send offers and promotions directly to the phones of those who opt in, though a Conde Nast spokesperson told me the company would evaluate the viability of distributing actual content to mobile subscribers.

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