Feedback for:, That’s What!

Readers Write in About:, That’s What! by Pete Lerma

The ads are wonderful; they tap into the frustrations of millions of employees, I’m sure. But the campaign does nothing to differentiate CareerBuilder and convince job-hunters it’s better or more effective than Monster, Yahoo Jobs, or any other job board.

Peter Altschuler

[The ad] is cute and something we all can relate to. I watch for the ads to come on because they are so funny!

Linda Weaver

The CareerBuilder campaign featuring the monkeys is the funniest ad campaign I’ve seen in a long time. It also seems to be very effective.

Jennifer Haines

[The ad was] even better than you said. I discovered it before the Super Bowl and showed it to Internet marketing students as a good example of integration: buzz before, ongoing promo after. They were paying attention because one student was first to find the Yeknom site.

CareerBuilder also used its email list to promote the ads. Great job!

Mary Lou Roberts

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