Florida AG Settles with Another Mobile Content Seller

Florida’s Attorney General office has settled with yet another mobile content marketer over the fraudulent marketing of ringtones and other mobile content.

The settlement of $1 million with New Motion Inc. and Traffix Inc., which do business jointly as Atrinsic, follows numerous other similar deals with firms like AzoogleAds, AT&T, World Ave. and M-Qube. The AG’s office uses the money from these settlements to fund investigations into other misleading marketing offers.

Atrinsic works with affiliates and ad networks to provide content for cell phones. The company’s negotiated deal with the AG protects it from prosecution, in exchange it has agreed to disclose the real costs of mobile content offers in an obvious way on all online transaction screens.

“Florida is leading the nation in holding the industry accountable to a high standard of online disclosure and I appreciate Atrinsic’s participation in this effort,” said a statement form AG Bill McCollum.

According to the AG’s CyberFraud division, investigations of complaints have found thousands of Florida consumers have been charged for mobile downloads they neither wanted nor authorized.

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