Florida AG Spoils Fun for FunMobile

smileysun.jpgThe Florida AG strikes again. This time Sunshine State Attorney General Bill McCollum has darkened the day for MobileFunster, a company that does business as FunMobile and sells mobile content like ringtones and wallpapers.

After penalizing ad networks like Azoogle and telecom AT&T Mobility for their alleged roles in enabling deceptive ads for “free” mobile content and other items, the AG’s CyberFraud Task Force has gone after its first mobile content provider.

The Hong Kong-based FunMobile has agreed to cough up $1 million, and like other companies the diligent AG’s office has settled with, the firm will “lead mobile content providers in setting new marketing standards that will benefit Florida consumers and cell phone users nationwide,” according to the office’s press release.

Full settlement in PDF form here.

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