Ford Edges Into Mobile Campaigning

Ford has ported its Edge campaign into the mobile space with the help of Enpocket. The mobile firm created a WAP site and supporting messaging, and carried ads on its publisher network.

The WAP site features video, wallpapers, and the ability to sign up for text alerts. Enpocket is also running a promotional SMS campaign to drive traffic to the site. Print and outdoor ads for the Edge also include a short code call-to-action to drive engagement. Banner ads are running on off-deck publishing sites and content sites in Sprint’s network.

The Edge campaign features the car careening on building ledges and bridge cables. “The mobile component of the marketing campaign for Edge is thematically consistent with what’s on TV. Consumers can click to watch a video of the Edge doing its high wire act on the Golden Gate Bridge,” said Mike Baker, president and CEO of Enpocket.

Yet while Edge’s mobile campaign uses assets from other media channels, Baker said it’s been customized for the medium. “The copy on the WAP site is in keeping with the online,” said Baker. “It’s not simply repurposed for mobile; the narrative form is a bit condensed — a quicker hit from a consumer engagement perspective.”

Enpocket worked with Ford’s interactive media agency, Mindshare, on the campaign. The two companies have worked together on previous Ford campaigns, as well as some for other clients in the U.S. and Europe.

The mobile campaign began in Q4 of last year. While Baker was unable to give statistics, he said the results were favorable to the client. “On a percentage basis, more consumers downloaded through mobile than the online property. People are a little bit starved for richer media experiences on the mobile, and it’s great for someone like Ford to sponsor the activity.”

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