Four Tenets of Integrated Marketing

David Daniels, VP and research director at Jupiter Research, shared his “Four Tenets of Integrated Marketing” yesterday at the ClickZ Specifics: E-mail Marketing conference in New York:

1. Begin with the End in Mind
Daniels said e-mail apps were designed incorrectly 10-12 years ago, when the process was to compile a list and send batch e-mail. The applications today are still tied to a linear production process, and don’t provide adequate time to think strategically. Instead, marketers should be goal-oriented, testing their campaigns against the desired outcomes and making constant adjustments.

2. Gain Buy-in Within Your Organization
Focusing on key performance indicators (KPIs) will help e-mail marketers show the value of their program to the wider organization, which in turn will net them more resources dedicated to them. It will also allow them to take advantage of opportunities across the company to create incremental acquisition opportunities within existing marketing efforts, but they must first be able to explain the value of each e-mail address.

3. Pay Attention to Customer Behavior
The e-mail marketer’s focus should be on engagement. They need to come up with some sort of engagement quotient, measuring the effects of clicks, opens, unsubscribes, delivery.

4. Create Leverage
This is done by integrating and automating as much as possible, such as using triggers to send out relevant messages or making the most of transactional messages.

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