Four Ways to Maintain E-Mail Momentum Over the Holidays

I live in New Jersey and work in New York. Today it’s 55 degrees, and the weather has been unseasonably warm throughout November and December. It really doesn’t seem like Christmas, but the holidays are only two weeks away.

As the end of the year rushes toward us, my mind is more focused on family gatherings, end-of-year reports, and holiday enjoyment than it is on e-mail marketing. But while we’re all thinking about other areas of interest, someone somewhere has to consider how to keep us up to date on the latest technologies, innovations, strategies, best practices, and more.

If you’ll be looking for quick access to some of these aggregated sources of e-mail insights, keep reading. I’ve pulled together a quick list of four different resources you can use as an easy way to keep up to speed on the latest while enjoying the holidays.

The Email Experience Council

Check the Email Experience Council (EEC) site weekly. The EEC is a global resource center for e-mail marketing clients, technology companies, agencies, and others. It has two unique features that will help get, and keep, you up to speed:

  • The EEC whitepaper room holds over 50 whitepapers and case studies that speak to all aspects of e-mail marketing for both business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) marketers.

  • The EEC’s C-suite roundtable is a members- and clients-only group that meets monthly. Its main focus is to unite clients that work on similar projects or in similar verticals in a very open conversation to leverage each other’s successes and failures to help build programs.


As we get closer to the end of the year, year-end recaps and projections for 2007 will start to publish. Subscribe to the ClickZ Weekly to get the latest. Here, I focus primarily on e-mail marketing, but the truth is e-mail is one of many marketing channels that work even harder when combined with others. This weekly recap provides a holistic review of what’s going happening in online marketing. These tips, news, trends, and facts will definitely get you up to speed to help capitalize on the new year.

News Alerts

Sign up for keyword-driven news alerts from Yahoo and Google.

Play around with the keywords you add to these aggregating services. Recommended keywords include “e-mail,”” email experience council,” “eec,” “e-mail strategy,” “e-mail technology,” “e-mail best practices,” and the names of your favorite authors.

Often, companies, news publications, and bloggers release information through channels picked up by Yahoo and Google that aren’t so easily found. These update are delivered right to your desktop and ensure you stay up to date on the latest and greatest.

Whatever route you elect to follow, I hope the enthusiasm, excitement, and commitment to elevating e-mail holds strong. We’ve made huge strides in e-mail this year, and I look forward to proving these successes in 2007.

Want more e-mail marketing information? ClickZ E-Mail Reference is an archive of all our e-mail columns, organized by topic.

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