FourSpots Offers Video Ad Templates for Small Biz

FourSpots is in the process of building a video advertising marketplace using commercial templates to make the medium more accessible for small and medium-sized businesses. The format is available to run on four screens including computer monitors, mobile, TV and digital displays.

“We provide a templated ad store that allows the advertiser to go in and select a video template,” said FourSpots CEO Ken Lipscomb.

The offering went into beta earlier this week, and early next week FourSpots plans to accept commercial templates from video professionals. The templates consist of generic, unbranded spots that allow business owners to add information and assets to create commercials. For example a restaurant could access the template through FourSpots’ AdStore and upload details about its location, menu specialties, photos and even additional video to create a unique commercial.

Template creators will earn a revenue share when advertisers use their templates to create a spot.

FourSpots has signed up 25 sites for its network to date, including social media site and the official Earth Wind and Fire fan site. Lipscomb said FourSpots is in the process of closing deals with additional publisher sites.

Advertisers can run spots across the existing network, or place a media buy using the FourSpots-made creative across Web sites, blogs, podcasts, e-mail and MySpace pages. Ads can also run across mobile networks, browsers, IP set top box services and digital displays.

Business owners can determine where ads will run based on psychographics, demographics or geo-targeting to reach a specified target audience. Advertisers can also specify daypart and will have “full chronological control” according to Lipscomb.

Applications outside of the network include the ability for a publisher to set up an AdStore storefront. The product could be useful for national companies with franchises or dealerships like auto manufacturers. An auto manufacturer could develop template and distribute it to its dealerships through an online store. Each dealership could then customize it for the specific location and special deals it plans to offer customers.

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