Brings in Rich Media Ads

FoxSports.jpgWith as cluttered with information and shiny logos as some news and sports sites have become, it’s clear that some publishers are looking to give their advertisers more flashy bang for the buck to cut through the confusion as well.

Take for instance the latest rich media features has added to its feed on MSN. Supplied by Internet marketing technology company Viewpoint, is now using Unicast Premium Rich Media (PRM) formats for an Active Header system and a Push Down Expandable system. With the Active Header system, when you log onto the FoxSports site looking for scores, that scoreboard might be temporarily covered by an ad which then recedes a moment later. The Push Down Expandable stuff grows the banner ad at the top of the page and pushes down the rest of the content for a few moments and then shrinks to its regular size.

All well and good, but still tough to say if FoxSports is just adding more flashy distractions on its site that won’t get noticed. But then again, sports news has a long history of using flashy graphics to bring in the viewers.

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