Free Social Media Marketing Webinar: How to “break through the noise”

Useful Social Media Free Webinar ImageFighting for the attention of consumers – and breaking through the noise in a meaningful way – is a constant challenge when it comes to social media marketing. As such, we wanted to highlight Useful Social Media’s upcoming free webinar.

The 45-minute live discussion, taking place on Thursday 19th Feb at 5pm GMT, will cover how to deepen audience engagement through compelling, meaningful and timely content. The hand-picked speakers, sharing their proven and powerful solutions, include the Vice President of Global Integrated Content Solutions at The Economist, the Associate Director of Marketing at Condé Nast, and the Global Director of Social Media at Century21.

In this discussion, you will learn how to:

  • Use Data to Provide Direction: Identify your customers’ passion points to create truly meaningful and personalized content which your audience will want to engage with.
  • Get Them Hooked and Keep Them Hooked: Talk with, rather than at, your customer. Achieving on-going engagement requires efficiency and consistency. Turn your brand into a publisher of great content and generate meaningful conversations with your audience.
  • Make the Most of “The Moment”: Being relevant means being agile and responsive. Streamline your processes to reap the benefits of real-time campaigns.
  • Harness the Power of Story-Telling: Your brand, and customer, has thousands of stories. Turn these into concise and unique campaigns in order to break through the noise, and get noticed.

Register here for free. If you can’t make the live debate, register anyway and Useful Social Media will send you the recordings for free.

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