The Problem With Email

When people change homes, jobs, schools, ISPs, or their Web-based email accounts, it can be next to impossible to stay in touch with them via email. is a free email address registry and email change of address (ECOA) service that enables companies and people to stay connected when email addresses change.

Free Service for Individuals provides a central and private location to keep friends, professional contacts, and businesses informed. Register the new and old addresses at Depending on the privacy option that is choosen, it can inform others of the current email address so they can still be in contact.

Business Solutions

Is communicating with customers by email an important part of your business? offers the first-to-market, patent pending, permission-based solution to bounce-proof email communications. Similar to the U.S. Postal Service’s NCOA (National Change of Address) service, allows the user to automatically update or “freshen” the email address database on a periodic basis.

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