Fruit of the Loom Fetes Dad With GIFs

animate-all-day-undieUnderwear brand Fruit of the Loom has added the Father’s Day GIF Registry, a collection of dad-themed GIFs, to its website to “get Dad what he really wants” this Father’s Day.

Calling it a modern take on the coupons children give their parents on special occasions, a rep says the GIF vouchers are “good for the basic stuff dads really want.” That includes coupons good for an All-Day Undie Pass, Bacon in Bed, and Naptime Anytime.

The GIFs are shareable via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and email. The site also includes links to “basic stuff that makes Dad happy,” like Fruit of the Loom’s short sleeve men’s crew tee, short sleeve men’s pocket tee, and men’s jersey short.

Fruit of the Loom’s Father’s Day GIF Registry is part of the brand’s Start Happy campaign, which launched in October with a microsite, videos, and free undies.

“The idea is that dads like Father’s Day to be simple. No fuss, no big productions, just a relaxing day,” the rep says.

animate-bacon-in-bedAdvertising agency CP+B developed the campaign.

“Short, snackable funny pieces of content that get across a message and drive [consumers] to share are the best things out there. It’s the merging of content marketing and social and this is exactly the kind of thing brands should be experimenting with,” says Russ Fradin, chief executive (CEO) of Dynamic Signal. “What I really like about this campaign is the idea that they’re experimenting with doing fun things. What we’ve seen done well with content is short, snackable pieces with a lot of shots on goal.”

These GIFs are funny, which makes consumers want to share with peers on social. In addition, when a brand employs this kind of a strategy, if a concept isn’t successful, it can move onto the next idea without any big loss, he says.

“The odds you’re going to craft something that goes viral are very small,” Fradin says. “You should be focused on how to empower agencies to take the right content that fits well with a brand and hurry up [and get it out there].”

animate-naptime-anytimeAccording to Fradin, the very fact that this Fruit of the Loom campaign touches on familiar dad themes like underwear, bacon, and naps is another bonus.

“That to me is best thing about it. It’s not risky. They’re not taking a stance on a controversial issue. I can’t imagine what the blowback would be,” he says. “The whole point is to be kind of stereotypical. It’s hard to imagine anyone offended by it and it is exactly what [brands] should be doing.”

On a related note, Fruit of the Loom was also selling a line of #Dadism boxer briefs with phrases like, “Ask your mom,” “Don’t make me pull this car over,” and “Never date a drummer,” on the waistbands.

According to the website, as of June 3, the #Dadism boxer briefs were sold out, but the brand is still asking consumers to share their own #Dadism phrases on Twitter.

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