Gate Comm’s PostCast

PostCast is a database management tool, a mail server, and an email merge tool. It can start other programs and exchange data, start CGI scripts, and import results into email messages. PostCast will automate the creation of contact databases, send personal messages, and extract data from Web forms.

Some of the features include:

  • Automatically processes opt-in and opt-out requests for your newsletters or any other kind of mailing list
  • Sends personalized email messages using information from your database. It can import values into any part of an email message.
  • No limit on database size and number of records
  • Sends both HTML and plain text messages
  • Supports multipart messages and combines text and HTML in a single message
  • Comes with a separate SMTP server product
  • Imports data from any incoming messages directly to your database
  • Creates targeted mail lists based on your contacts’ demographic data
  • The program works with any OLE database and ODBC data source, including all Access versions, SQL Server, Oracle, and text files. There is no need for importing or converting your existing data.

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