Gates Envisions Future of Mobile & Video

170px-Bill_Gates_2004_cr.jpgThe digital advertising market is booming, “and we’re still very much at the beginning,” affirmed Corbis (and Microsoft) Chairman Bill Gates at that company’s annual meeting in New York this morning.

Talking about the future of his digital images company — which is rapidly morphing into other digital assets including, notably, video, Gates said he envisions a future in which more and more images are going to be consumed off better and better screens, large and small…

(continued after the jump) Corbis saw 100 percent growth in mobile image sales last year, said CEO Steve Davis. Gates is bullish on demand for maps and “new kinds of advertising.”

The other growth area he pinpointed is video. Gates believes Internet video is just around the corner. “Ads on that platform will be different. They’ll be targeted to the viewer.” And, he assured the assembled, skipping will be stopped to “make the economic model work.”

Corbis also looks to be doing some interesting stuff in digital rights clearance. Davis showed an ad for Comcast that was, effectively, a mash-up on a 1978 episode of “The $60,000 Pyramid.”

Rights management for mash-ups? This is going to be interesting.

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