Gawker Launches Video Spinoff at

Gawker Media has created a new site at focused on TV and online video content. Posts published since its launch this afternoon: a montage of gratuitous product placements on television and the above video of a puppy that has fallen and can’t get up.

The new site marks something of a departure for Publisher Nick Denton, who has historically launched new sites under their own brands. He noted the smallest Gawker Media site now has 18 million page views, whereas the company’s threshold used to be 1 million.

“We’re believers in fewer stronger brands,” he said. He called “an expansion of the video-centric posts we’ve already been doing on”

Denton acknowledged the ad opportunity is somewhat generic for a site about random interesting video. “I’m sure there will be some video creative placed deliberately on because the audience is in the mode to watch,” he said. “But it’s not as if the audience will be uniquely broadbanded up — most of our readers can view video advertising even on texty sites.”

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