Gay and Lesbian Internet Population Growing

The worldwide gay and lesbian Internet population will increase from 9.2 million users in 1999 to 17.1 million users in 2005, according to research conducted by Computer Economics.

Asia Pacific, Europe, and North America will be home to the largest groups of gay and lesbian Internet users, the research found.

“Web-based marketers need to get a clue. This is a significant market segment that cannot be ignored and certainly not alienated,” said Computer Economics VP of research, Michael Erbschloe.

“The North American gay and lesbian online population will remain the largest over the next five years, but in all other regions the populations will more than double, and in some cases more than triple.”

According to Computer Economics, the area with the fastest rate of growth in its gay and lesbian Internet population will be South America, with a growth rate of 227 percent. South America is followed by Asia Pacific, at 197 percent, and Africa at 151 percent.

Gay and Lesbian Internet User Projections
Africa 1999 2001 2003 2005
23,600 34,200 45,700 59,250
Asia Pacific 1,020,000 1,376,000 2,076,000 3,025,000
Europe 1,289,000 1,683,000 2,119,000 2,603,000
Middle East 4,700 6,300 8,300 11,200
North America 6,775,000 7,929,000 9,089,000 11,062,000
South America 106,000 158,000 235,000 347,000
Total Worldwide 9,218,300 11,186,500 13,573,000 17,107,450
Source: Computer Economics

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