Global IntelliSystems

Global IntelliSystems is an email marketing service offering an abundance of features, always-there customer service, and affordable pricing. Some features include:

  • Click-through tracking with data pass-through and address-list updating on a per-click basis
  • An auto-scan system to create click-through tracking links automatically
  • Bounce message tracking system
  • Campaign reports
  • Time-delay mailing capability with recall and reschedule features
  • Automatic notification of job start and job completion
  • Upload and broadcast text, HTML, text and HTML, or multipart/attachment documents
  • Content analysis system to scan for potential spam phrases
  • Edit content online
  • Preview content exactly as it will appear to recipients
  • Smart Message System answers inbound email with context-specific responses
  • Smart Message System time-delays an infinite number of follow-up email messages
  • Survey system take answers from email or Web questionnaires, and update your list
  • Query submitted surveys for phrases or data in certain fields

Every feature can be customized, often at no cost, to fit the way you do business.

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