GoFish Hooks WeeWorld

WeeWorld.jpgAfter officially launching its kids oriented ad network last week, GoFish wasted no time in signing avatar-based social network WeeWorld to its list of publishers.

There have already been 21 million “WeeMees” avatars created on WeeWorld, according to the company, which advertisers in the GoFish network will be able market to using graphical display ads, Flash animations, specialized games, backgrounds, environments and sponsorships. What had Tabreez Verjee, president of GoFish, particularly excited when I spoke to him, however, was the forthcoming WeeWorld virtual world environment. Using the GoFish ad network, he hopes to allow marketers access to the world for branded virtual clothing, sponsored playgrounds or other features.

“It’s exactly the kind of immersive opportunity that our advertisers are looking for,” he said of the as yet unnamed virtual world. “It’s not a banner at the top of the page, it’s deeply integrated into the experience.”

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