Google Accepts Atlas Tags

When Google announced its acceptance of third party ad tags (finally) last month, there was a gaping hole where one of the largest ad management platforms should have been. Atlas, owned by Microsoft’s aQuantive, was missing from the lineup of firms whose tags were listed, including DoubleClick (duh), Valueclick’s Mediaplex, Eyeblaster, Dynamic Logic and others.

Of course, jumping to conclusions on this one was the reaction many, including the folks here at ClickZ had. Certainly, despite the fact that Atlas has a huge chunk of the ad management market, it looked as though Google may have been snubbing Microsoft’s platform. Hey, they’re not exactly friendly.

But, today Google announced it will accept Atlas tags, in addition to tags from Tumri, an ad targeting system. Still, there are lots of technologies advertisers and agencies use everyday missing from the list.

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