Google Amps Up Lobbying Efforts

Our sister site SearchEngineWatch reports Google has hired lobbying firm PodestaMattoon.

Small wonder. Back in October, the search giant took the initial plunge when it brought Alan Davidson on board to be its eyes, ears and voice in D.C. In retrospect, it seems policy issues were only just getting underway a few short months ago.

Now there’s a whole laundry list of issues affecting Google (and plenty of other online players): China, the DOJ ordering Google to fork over user data, net neutrality under threat — the list goes on and on.

Industry organizations such as the IAB and the OPA don’t yet have anywhere near the influence on Capitol Hill of, say, a DMA, the cable industry or telcos. Whilst waiting for that level of industry maturity, it’s nice to know Google can reach deep into its well-lined pockets and hopefully convince policymakers to be just a little less evil.

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