Google Audio Ads Beta Will Remove Stains, Cataracts, Extra Inches

Midway through a week of friendly coverage of its print media efforts, Google is stumping for its radio initiative. Over at its Inside AdWords blog, the company says it’s looking for a new round of Audio Ads program beta testers after an initial beta trial that’s been going well. After inviting new sign-ups, the post goes on to assert that early beta testers love the speed and ease of use of the audio creation process. But something feels off. Is it just me, or is this language, like, totally infomercial-ish?

You might be wondering whether Audio Ads would be a good fit for your business. Instead of hearing it from us, we thought we’d let a current AdWords advertiser, Richard Swezey, do the talking. Richard is the Executive Vice President of Cequal, which created the Bed Lounge. Over the years, Richard had always made a point of exploring different advertising channels.

Enter Swezey, astonishingly on-message (pardon me if I quote in full):

“We thought a lot about how to expand the reach of our message, and radio seemed like a great opportunity – it’s a ‘main stream America’ type of channel, but we had zero experience in it. My impression was it was something for bigger companies, or at least companies with bigger pockets and a bigger appetite for risk. Then we learned about Google Audio Ads and thought ‘not only does it address our concerns but we can custom fit it to our budget and marketing goals.’ So we decided to take the big plunge into radio. We’ve been really pleased with the experience.

What a shiny, happy radio ad beta! Hey, it’s your blog Google, but this is about as far from conversational media as it’s possible to be.

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