Google, Champion of Small Biz on Capitol Hill

google_publicpolicy.jpgPlease don’t stifle online advertising! That was Google’s plea during last week’s House Committee on Small Business hearing on “The Role of Small Businesses in Stimulating the Economy.” The company’s VP Online Sales and Operations David Fischer spoke to lawmakers, stressing the benefits of Google AdSense to small Web site publishers, bloggers and educators.

Sure, most of them make very little off their AdSense ads. Rather than providing a range of incomes the more successful small businesses garner from AdSense ads, Google chose to focus on the obvious outlier. According to Fischer, Ohio-based collects an average of $42,000 each month from the ads.

He went on to say some 2,000 businesses based in the first district of Ohio earned $1.6 million in total last year through AdSense. It just so happens Republican Congressman Steve Chabot is a ranking member of the committee and represents that district.

Fischer ended his speech by petitioning members to think twice about proposing laws that could affect small businesspeople online. “As the committee continues its important work as a champion of small business I would encourage you to constantly consider how any new laws and regulations will affect these online entrepreneurs,” he said.

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