Google Completes $750 Million AdMob Acquisition

Google has completed its $750 million acquisition of mobile ad network AdMob, following approval from the FTC last week after a six-month anti-trust investigation into the merger.

Writing on the company blog, Susan Wojcicki, Google’s VP of Product Management wrote, “Today, we closed our acquisition of AdMob… We’ll now begin the process of bringing our products and teams together in the best way, and building new products and features together. We’re working to make this integration happen as fast and as seamlessly as possible. We’ll actively keep our clients up-to-date as we bring our businesses together.”

The FTC launched an investigation into the acquisition in November as a result of Google’s dominance of the online advertising space. Since the agreement was announced, however, the FTC concluded the mobile space had become significantly more competitive, thanks largely to Apple’s acquisition of Quattro and subsequent announcement of its own iAd mobile advertising network.

In her blog post, Wojcicki alluded to that increased competition, and the increased attention the space has attracted since Apple and Google waded into it. “Advertisers are now starting to see mobile as an essential part of their overall campaigns, not just a silo-ed experiment on the side… We believe that mobile advertising can play a significant role in every single marketing campaign. We’re passionate about the unlimited possibilities in this space. Today, with AdMob, our work to make them a reality begins,” she wrote.

Wojcicki also placed emphasis on mobile search, describing it as “central” to the future of mobile marketing. She also referenced Google’s open-source mobile operating system Android, stating AdMob “was one of the first companies to serve ads inside mobile applications on the Android and iPhone platforms,” and that “with Google and AdMob starting to work together, there’s lots more innovation to come in this area.”

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